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Like most agencies we understand visual design, technology, structure, navigation, content, and interactive functionality, all which must all come together to form a certain user experience. But even more important, we understand strategy.

We'll help with the strategic thinking about how your Website can fulfill practical objectives to help yout organization thrive. And then we'll build you a Website.



It's essentially a Website for your staff and for external constituencies like independent sales reps, vendors and investors. Why? To cut the clutter, become more efficient, more effective, and more successful.

ALL large companies have them. Smaller firms, by and large, have missed the boat. Yet, intranets are one of the critical keys to organizational efficiency. Talk to us.


Application Development

Custom Applications

Web-enabled applications get the job done for less. We have handled a wide range of software development applications.


Content Management

Our staff puts the professional polish on your content, whether it is destined for the Website, Intranet, Newsletter, print publication, or your Social Media sites.


Update Desk Services

Our staff works hand in hand with yours to ensure timely, quality site editing. You provide, concepts, drafts or finished copy and we'll take it from there to achieve a crisp, professional result.


Domain Names For Sale

Several of our clients have domain names that are no longer in use. We've been asked to offer them for sale or lease to interested purchasers.

If you have interest in one or more of these domain names, we invite you to contact us for more information. Kindly direct your inquiries to

When you want results, planning precedes implementation. Infolane consultants work closely with clients to develop logical and effective marketing plans.  read more ››


Methods and programs that place your site among the first listed in major search engines.  read more ››

E-mail Messaging

Well-crafted, eye-catching messages sent to your select audience.  read more ››

Strategic Partner

Cause Marketing · Fund Raising
Philanthropy Consulting

these and more services offered by


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