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You've only got one chance to make a strong first impression.

What kind of first impression
does your website make?

There are many aspects to Website development. Visual design, structure, navigation, content, and interactive functionality must all come together to form a certain user experience. But before all that comes the strategic thinking: laying out the practical objectives you have for you Website that tie into your larger organizational goals and objectives.

Marketing and Sales are often the primary–but seldom the only–categories of concern. Modern companies use their Websites to enhance communications with all their constituents: current and prospective customers, suppliers, industry and community participants, and even employees. This is essential in order to run a lean, cost-efficient operation.

When Infolane works with a client, our first task is always to discuss and understand the goals and objectives, of the specific project, and of the organization as a whole. To the extent desired, we'll help you with the strategic thinking and help raise awareness of hidden opportunities for how your Website can help your organization thrive. And then we'll build you a Website.

Website Design

What does your Website's design say about you?

You've only got one chance to make a good first impression. Chances are today that your next customer's first impression of you will be your Website. Good design enhances your image and draws attention to your message. It does not detract or get in the way.

It was once said that form follows function. Better, today, is to realize that form informs function. In other words, clean design, intuitive navigation, consise writing and strong visuals aid your visitor in navigating your site, giving them a positive user experience and thereby deepening your relationship with that visitor.

Infolane's approach to Web design is to take inspiration from your company's character, the nature of its message, and the diversity of its target audience.